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Atya gabonensis (African fanshrimp)


Origin: Cameroun - Gabon (Western - Africa)
Appearance: These shrimp can grow to a length of 15cm. Colour can vary from creme to blue and can even change more as they grow older. After moulting they are temporarily white.
Sexing: The male shrimp have thicker frontal legs, the third pair. The first two pairs have fans.
Life span: Up to 6 years.
Size: Up to 15cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Gestation: About 22 days
Character: Peaceful and friendly to other tank mates. Are usually a bit shy. They will not harm other fish or shrimp since they do not have claws but fans. A beautiful shrimp but it needs to be taken into account that they are very shy and therefore will not show them self too often.
Tank setup: Can be placed in a tank starting at 60cm. Make sure plenty of hiding places are provided. Once they feel save they can be seen more often near the outflow of the filter.
Waterconditions: Temperature 20-28ºC and acidity can vary from basic to acid. They tolerate a wide range of water hardness.
Feeding: These shrimp filter small food particles and micro-organism from the water with their fans. They will also eat algae wafers and flakes. Make sure enough food is provided in powder shape and feed near the outflow. If they can not filter their food from the water they will die from starvation.
Breeding: Brakish water is needed in order to breed these shrimp. Females can carry hundreds of eggs.
Tank mates: Friendly fish and other shrimp.
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