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Caridina cf. Cantonensis 'Tiger' (Tiger shrimp)


Origin: Southern China.
Appearance: Black or dark-brown stripes in tiger motif. Of the 5 stripes there are 2 bending forward and 3 that bend backwards. This species can have many different colour variations.
Sexing: Females are usually bigger and more robust.
Life span: Up to 2 years.
Size: 2.5 to 3.5cm.
Sexually mature: From 3 months onwards.
Gestation: 3 weeks.
Character: Friendly.
Tank setup: From 20 liters with plants. Plants with small leaves and Java moss are ideal.
Waterconditions: Temperature of 23-28ºC and an acidity of pH6.2 to pH7.5 with a water hardness to 8-10dGH.
Feeding: Will eat algae, excessive food, cooked vegetables and detritus. Leafs from beach, alder and oak trees will be eaten as well.
Breeding: Young can be expected every 6 weeks when the conditions are good. Slightly acidic water is preferred. Dropping the temperature to 15-20ºC in the winter can enhance breeding results.
Tank mates: Can be kept with other shrimp species, small fish and large crayfish.
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