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Caridina cf. Cantonensis Crystal Black (Black Bee Shrimp)


Origin: Japan (bred).
Appearance: Average sized shrimp which will grow up to 3cm. The Crystal Black is a variant of the bee shrimp. Due to selective breeding the intensity of the colours have increased. These shrimp are graded based on the black and white ratio.
Sexing: The adult females are larger than the males and more robust.
Life span: Up to 2 years.
Size: 2.5 to 3cm.
Sexually mature: From 3 months onwards.
Gestation: 4 to 5 weeks.
Character: Friendly shrimp. Not to be kept with large fish.
Tank setup: Normal setup for shrimp. Plants with small leaves and Java moss are ideal to have in the tank. These shrimp are sensitive to the water conditions.
Waterconditions: Temperature of 18-28ºC with an acidity of pH6 to pH7.5 and a water hardness to 10dGH.
Feeding: Will eat algae, excessive food, cooked vegetables and detritus. Leafs of beach, alder and oak trees will be eaten as well.
Breeding: Easy breedng when the right waterconditions are met. For breeding am acidity between pH6.4 and pH7.0 is desired as well as a temperature between 21 en 24ºC. Higher temperatures will have a negative effect on the breeding results. The female will carry the eggs until they hatch as small shrimp. Young shrimp will have the distinct colouration right away.
Tank mates: Can be kept together with other shrimpspecies and small fish.
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