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Caridina Caerulea (Blue Leg Poso)


Origin: Sulawesi (Poso-sea).
Appearance: Transparant body with white and dark spots. Less spectacular colours than other shrimp from Sulawesi but due to the pattern and behavior this shrimp is an asset in the aquarium. Looks a lot like the Caridina Ensifera. In the past these 2 species were considered to be 1. Main difference can be seen in the tail. The Caridina Ensifera has red spots and the Caridina Caerulea has blue spots.
Sexing: Females are more robust than males.
Life span: Unknown.
Size: 2cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Gestation: 3 weken.
Character: Peaceful and active.
Tank setup: Normal shrimp tank setup can be used but in the natural habitat not many plants are found.
Waterconditions: Temperature from 25-29ºC and possibly lower as well. Acidity around pH8.0 but this shrimp is less sensitive than others from this area.
Feeding: Many kinds of dry food, micro-organism and algae.
Breeding: Fully developed shrimp are born. Very small food is recommended
Tank mates: Other shrimp and snails from Sulawesi.
Copyright photos: © DanQuatics(left), Studio Skwit(right).