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Dugastella Valentina (Red Bloody Shrimp)

Origin: Spain.These shrimp live in swamp areas as well as in small creeks. In the creeks the color is lighter. They are found in eastern-Spain in a small area near Valencia.
Appearance: Variable colouration, from transparant to marmor. They look a lot like Atyaephyra Desmaresti.
Sexing: Females are larger than males and have a better colouration. Males are usually darker.
Life span: Up to 3 years.
Size: Up to 3.5 cm.
Sexually mature:
Tank setup: Normal setup for shrimp tanks with lots of plants and moss. It is advised to keep wood and stones in the tank as well as they like to hide in cavities. A current in the water is advised. They do like high oxygenated water.
Waterconditions: Temperature can vary from 5-30ºC but they do not like sudden temperature changes. Acidity should be pH 7.8 or above and the water hardness above 12dGH. They like clean water.
Feeding: These shrimp will virtually eat all they can find. Will eat algae, excessive food, cooked vegetables and detritus. Leafs from beach, alder and oak trees will be eaten as well.
Breeding: Breeding takes place in freshwater. Parents take care of their young. They need a cool period in the winter of about 2-3 months. Temperature should be below 15ºC during this period.
Tank mates: Can be kept with other shrimp species and small fish.
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