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Euryrhynchus Amazoniensis (Peru zebra shrimp)


Origin: Peru, Brasil, Guyana and French-Guyana. Can be found in the central Amazon area of South America.
Appearance: Beautiful small shrimp. Base colours vary from light-grey to brown-red with stripes and blue and red dots.
Sexing: Males have bigger front legs and claws.
Life span:
Size: 2 to 4cm.
Sexually mature: From 1 year.
Character: Friendly. Night active shrimp. They like to hide in plants, leafs and detritus.
Tank setup: From 20 liter with small-leafed plants, Java moss and wood. A soil containing leafs is advised. The more they can hide the better they will feel.
Waterconditions: Temperature of 28-32ºC with an acidity of pH4 tot pH6.5 and a water hardness of 4-15dGH.
Feeding: They will eat algae, fish food, tablets and animal waste. A dead fish can be fed to them as well as frozen food.
Breeding: Breeding is reasonably easy once the water conditions are met. The female will carry 10-20 eggs and will release shrimp.
Tank mates: Small and calm fish. A special aquarium for these shrimp is recommended.
Copyright photos: © Garnalenkweker(left & mid), Crusta10(right).