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Macrobrachium Assamensis


Origin: Asia - Eastern Himalaya.
Appearance: This shrimp will grow up to 8cm and has a red to red-brown colour. Adolescent shrimp are light-coloured or transparent. Colours will be darker when food is varied.
Sexing: Male have bigger claws. Females will grow bigger and more robust.
Life span:
Size: 6 to 8cm.
Sexually mature:
Gestation: 4 to 6 weeks depending on the temperature.
Character: Friendly but can grab some small fish. When the tank is overcrowded they can attack each other.
Tank setup: From 40 liter, Java moss and big plants. The shrimp do not like a highly planted tank. Make sure plenty of hiding places are provided by means of stones and wood.
Waterconditions: Temperature of 20-30ºC with an acidity of pH6.5 to pH7.5 whereby the hardness does not seem to be important.
Feeding: Will eat algae, excessive food, cooked vergetables, special shrimp-food and frozen food. The also like to eat snails and dead fish.
Breeding: Breeding is easy. Temperature should be kept at about 26ºC. Under the right conditions every 4 to 6 weeks young can be born. Eggs will usually not develop if temperatures are kept at 20ºC. Eggs will be green at first and turn to brown later. Once hatching is due small black spots can be seen on the eggs. These are the eyes of the young shrimp.
Tank mates: These are best to be kept with the same kind of shrimp. If given the chance they will grab fish. Some do keep them in a community tank.
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