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Macrobrachium Pilimanus (Chameleon shrimp)

Origin: Indonesia, Malaysia.
Appearance: Brown body with white stripes. These shrimp are often confused with Macrobrachium Eriocheirum.
Sexing: The claws of the male are bigger and is covered with small hairs. Females are usually smaller and more robust.
Life span:
Size: Female around 7cm, man around 10cm (15cm incl. claws).
Sexually mature:
Gestation: 3 to 4 weeks.
Character: These shrimp are real predators. The display interesting behavior and are real hunters. Small fish are an easy pray. They will eat anything they find but prefer live- and other "strong" food.
Tank setup: From 60 liter and strong plants. They like a well-planted tank. They can best be kept in a harem. 1 male and 3 males is a good ratio. Make sure plenty of hiding places are provided. This can be cavities in wood and stones.
Waterconditions: Temperature of 18-26ºC, 22ºC is optimum, with an acidity of pH7. Water hardness does not seem to be important.
Feeding: These shrimp like fish and will try to catch them when held in the same tank. They also eat plant waste and special crayfish flakes.
Breeding: Young need to grow up in brackish water. When in a good condition the females will have eggs every 4 weeks.
Tank mates: Only fast fish that do not sleep on the bottom.
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