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Paracaridina sp. Blue Bee


Origin: China.
Appearance: These shrimp can be found in colour blue, purple and brown.
Sexing: The difference between male and female is easier to determine when the shrimps are older. Females are slightly larger that males and the colour is more intense.
Life span:
Size: 1.5 to 2cm.
Sexually mature: From 3 to 5 months.
Gestation: 3 to 4 weeks.
Character: Small peaceful shrimp.
Tank setup: Normal setup for shrimp. Moss and small leaved plants and some wood.
Waterconditions: Temperature 20-26ºC, 23ºC is ideal, with an acidity of pH6.5 to pH7.2.
Feeding: Detritus, shrimp food, cooked vegetables. Leaves from beach, alder and oak trees will be eaten as well.
Breeding: Keep the water at approximately 23ºC. The rest of the parameters can be kept equal to that of Crystal Red.
Tank mates: Can be kept with other dwarf shrimp.
Copyright photos: © Garnalenkweker(left), Planetinverts(right).