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Cherax Holthuisi (Apricot crayfish)


Origin: Papua, Irian-Jaya.
Appearance: This beautiful crayfish has an apricot colour and there are also populations with a hint of blue. They have remarkably small eyes. They don't normally need big eyes because they live in burrows.
Sexing: The male genitals can be found at the top of the 5th (last) pair of walking legs and for the females at the top of the 3rd walking legs. The female's claws are smaller and they are paler.
Life span: 6-8 years.
Size: 15cm.
Sexually mature: 10 tot 12cm.
Gestation: 7 to 8 weeks.
Character: Peaceful and shy creatures. They are also very nice to each other and not really aggressive. Can be combined with shrimp. Snails will be eaten. Suitable for keeping alone or in groups.
Tank setup: From 60cm aquarium. Is used to many stones and holes and likes to hide in them. This species is suitable for the community aquarium.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-26ºC with an acidity from pH6.8 to pH8.0 and a hardness greater than 5dGH.
Feeding: Eat algae, excessive food, cooked vegetables, dead plant remains. They can also catch a fish but will usually not do this. Dry leaves or soft wood are recommended.
Breeding: Easy, but it sometimes takes a while. Juveniles should be well fed. The males perform a kind of mating dance. They knock against the claws of the female who is ready to mate. He lovingly touches the antennae of the female with his antennae. After birth the young remain with the mother for about 2 weeks. During the time the female is carrying eggs she lives very withdrawn. Pregnancy is possible every 3 months.
Tank mates: Adult crayfish can generally be paired with dwarf shrimps and non-intrusive small fish. In terms of fish, preferably surface fish that do not sleep on the bottom.
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