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Cherax Snowden sp. (Orange Tip)

Origin: Irian Jaya.
Appearance: Dark olive green/black crayfish with bright orange tips on the claws. The claws have a jagged edge.
Sexing: The male genitals can be found at the top of the 5th (last) pair of walking legs and for the females at the top of the 3rd walking legs. The female's claws are smaller and they are paler.
Life span: A number of years.
Size: 10-12cm.
Sexually mature: About 6 to 8cm.
Gestation: Unknown.
Character: Friendly crayfish. Can therefore be kept in a group in a large aquarium. Burrows are sometimes shared by several animals.
Tank setup: At least 80 liters with coarse sand or pebbles and hiding places in the form of stones or pipes. Plants can be put in the container because they leave them alone.
Waterconditions: Temperature 15-25ºC. The hardness and acidity do not seem to matter with these crayfish.
Feeding: Detritus, flake food, crayfish food and dried leaves of oak, beech and alder. They also like boiled vegetables and snails.
Breeding: Small crayfish grow slowly. After birth they remain under the mother for a while.
Tank mates: Fast fish and other Cherax Snowden sp.
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