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Cherax Quadricarinatus (Red Claw crayfish)


Origin: Australia.
Appearance: Can grow up to 20cm (body size). Large slender crayfish with a greenish brown body with red stripes on the rear body. The legs are blue.
Sexing: Red spots can be seen on the outside of the walking legs of male crayfish. The male sex opening is at the top of the 5th (last) pair of walking legs, for the female it is at the top of the 2nd pair of walking legs.
Life span: 5 years.
Size: 15 to 20cm.
Sexually mature: After about 1 year.
Gestation: About 6 weeks.
Character: Can be aggressive towards fish and among themselves. These crayfish like to climb. They are mainly bred for consumption in Australia.
Tank setup: A special tank of at least 80cm. Provide some hiding places and oxygen plants. Coarse sand or gravel with tubes in which they can hide. Stones, wood, (many) small plants and floating plants. Strong current is recommended.
Waterconditions: Temperature 13-32ºC (preferably between 23-30ºC) with an acidity greater than pH7.0 and a hardness of 6-10dGH.
Feeding: Omnivore. Preferably vegetable food and animal waste. They also eat algae, excessive food, cooked vegetables, dead plant remains, beech, oak and alder leaves and snails.
Breeding: Easy. After birth the young stay with the mother for another 2 weeks. During this period the mother hardly eats. Temperature at about 27ºC. The female hides until the young are born. The male is not allowed to come close. The fry grow best when they have an area with some coarse gravel and some detritus. So it is beneficial to have a dirty tank. Note that the young eat each other and the parents eat the young. Let wel op dat de jongen elkaar eten en de ouders eten de jongen.
Tank mates: Big fish (cichlids) and small fast fish. Slow fish and fish that sleep on the bottom are eaten. Snails are also not safe.
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