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Procambarus Alleni (Blue Florida crayfish)


Origin: America(Florida).
Appearance: Grows to about 10cm and is bright blue. The crayfish is blue from birth, so it is a permanent colour.
Sexing: The sex differences are very clear in all Cambarids (to which this crayfish belongs) and are very well recognizable even in small animals. Males have gonopods and longer, smaller claws.
Life span: 3 years.
Sexually mature: 4 months.
Gestation: 3 to 4 weeks (at 24-28ºC).
Character: Is not super aggressive, but keep in mind that they can catch a fish. Goes well with smaller shrimps.
Tank setup: A special tank of at least 80cm. When keeping several species in 1 aquarium, provide sufficient hiding places in the form of cracks in stone constructions, flower pots and PVC pipes. Use a soil of sand or fine pebbles. Although the Alleni does not tend to dig, it is wise to place heavy structures evenly on the bottom to prevent possible accidents. They regularly use plants as food. If plants are desired, use moss, floating plants, java fern and plants with harder foliage. Provide regular water changes and some water movement.
Waterconditions: Temperature 16-28ºC with an acidity of pH6.5 to pH8.0 and a hardness of 2-20 dGH.
Feeding: Omnivores, in addition to the usual specialty food for crayfish, also tablets. Leaves or soft wood are important. Green food, such as aquatic plants, is also accepted. It can also happen that a fish is caught when they are hungry.
Breeding: Easy. When the offspring leaves the mother, the adults should be removed from the tank as they can chase the young. With sufficient nutrition, regular water changes and a temperature between 24 and 28ºC, growth is rapid in the beginning. After 6 weeks, the body length is already 3-4 cm.
Tank mates: This species should not live with fish or other crayfish species that are too small. In large aquariums, adults can possibly be kept together with dwarf shrimps.
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