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Procambarus Cubensis Cubensis (Cuba crayfish)


Origin: Cuba.
Appearance: Fairly evenly brown coloured. In hard water they turn a little blue.
Sexing: The males have gonopods and their claws are larger than those of the females. Females have a wider rear body than males.
Life span: 2-3 years.
Size: 8 tot 10cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Gestation: Unknown.
Character: Can be aggressive towards fish and and amongst themselves as well. With enough food and hiding places, the aggression is not too bad.
Tank setup: Sober, but sturdy. Some oxygenating plants(firm ones) and floating plants and enough hiding places in the form of stones, pipes and flower pots. With enough hiding places, a number of them can fit in a 60cm aquarium.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-26ºC with an acidity from pH7 to pH8 and a hardness around 10dGh.
Feeding: This crayfish is omnivorous. They can even reduce the fish population considerably. They eat vegetable and animal waste that collects on the bottom. They also eat special tablets for crayfishand frozen red mosquito larvae. It is also recommended to put oak, beech and alder leaves in the aquarium.
Breeding: Easy, but parents eat their young. The young can also eat eachother. It is necessary to provide sufficient hiding places and food.
Tank mates: Possibly small cichlids up to 15cm or fast fish.
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