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Procambarus Dupratzi

Origin: America, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Appearance: Beautiful dwarf crayfish with distinct markings and beautiful colours. A blue marking can be found along the tail.
Sexing: Males have gonopods and larger claws. Females have a wider rear body.
Life span: Unknown.
Size: 6 to 8cm.
Sexually mature: From 4cm.
Gestation: 3 to 5 weeks depending on temperature.
Character: As with most species, the juveniles are highly cannibalistic. Older animals are usually calmer. They can be kept safe with larger fish. Don't always leave plants alone.
Tank setup: Coarse sand or gravel with tubes in which to hide. Stones, driftwood, (many) sturdy plants and floating plants. Regular water changes are necessary.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-28ºC with an acidity of pH6.5 to pH8.5 and they tolerate soft water as well as harder water. This crayfish can be kept at room temperature. It is not recommended to maintain higher temperatures for a longer time.
Feeding: Omnivore, vegetable and animal waste that collects on the bottom, special tablets for crayfish, frozen red mosquito larvae. Oak, beech and alder leaves. Do not overfeed protein-rich foods.
Breeding: Possible several times per year. In contrast to the elderly, young animals do need slightly more protein-rich food. This will reasonably prevent cannibalism among the young animals.
Tank mates: Can be kept with larger fish. However, it must be taken into account that a fish can be caught. Snails can be places in the aquarium but small snails can be eaten. Can be kept together with dwarf shrimps.
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