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Procambarus Enoplosternum(Black Mottled crayfish)

Origin: USA.
Appearance: Smaller crayfish with a marble-like pattern, the pattern can vary.
Sexing: Males have gonopods and larger claws. Females have a wider rear body.
Life span: Unknown.
Size: 6 to 8cm.
Sexually mature: From 4cm.
Gestation: 3 to 4 weeks.
Character: Curious and active during the day. Peaceful towards other crayfish and they love to hide.
Tank setup: Coarse sand or gravel with tubes in which to hide. Stones, drift wood, (many) sturdy plants and floating plants. Regular water changes are necessary. Dirty water is poorly tolerated.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-28ºC with an acidity of pH6.5 to pH8.5 and they tolerate soft water as well as harder water.
Feeding: Omnivore, vegetable and animal waste that collects on the bottom, special tablets for crayfish, frozen red mosquito larvae. Oak, beech and alder leaves.
Breeding: Can be tricky. Good results are known with a pH around pH8 and a temperature of 20-23ºC.
Tank mates: Fish and shrimp(no fan shrimp).
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