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Procambarus Llamasi


Origin: These crayfish live in small streams and drainage systems from southern Veracruz to Yucatan, Mexico and northern Guatemala.
Appearance: Brown to reddish brown crayfish with sometimes a yellowish band on the flanks. The hairy scissors are striking. The men have the most hair on the scissors.
Sexing: The males have gonopods and larger claws and more hair on the claws than the female crayfish.
Life span: Unknown.
Size: 8 to 9cm.
Sexually mature: From 4cm.
Gestation: 4 to 5 weken.
Character: Active during the day, friendly towards own species and can be in a group very well.
Tank setup: From 50 liters. Provide sufficient hiding places.
Waterconditions: Temperature 16-28ºC with an acidity from pH6.5 to pH8.0 where the hardness is fairly unimportant.
Feeding: Omnivore including vegetable and animal waste that collects on the bottom, special tablets for crayfish, frozen red mosquito larvae. Oak, beech and alder leaves.
Breeding: Can take place several times a year. The young animals are very peaceful with each other.
Tank mates: Small fish and shrimp.
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