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Procambarus sp. 'Marmor' (Marbled crayfish)


Origin: North America.
Appearance: These crayfish reach a length of approximately 8-14cm. Depending on the acidity of the water, they turn blue or brown. At a higher acidity the crayfish will turn browner. They have a marbled pattern.
They have been on the list of invasive exotic species since August 2016. They may no longer be held or traded. Individuals who already owned this species as pets before August 2016 can keep the animals until they die of natural causes. The conditions are that the animals cannot escape and that they are prevented from reproducing.
Sexing: This crayfish only has "females".
Life span: 2-3 years.
Size: 8 to 14cm.
Sexually mature: From 5cm.
Gestation: 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the temperature.
Character: Friendly kind, also among each other. Larger species can be aggressive. Be careful with smaller fish, these can be eaten. Slow fish can also become victims.
Tank setup: Sufficient hiding places in the form of, for example, stones and not too many plants. This crayfish does not always stay off the plants. If there are enough hiding places, the crayfish can be kept with larger fish. They'll dig in the soil.
Waterconditions: Very flexible in temperature. Can range from 5-28ÂșC at an acidity of pH6.5 to pH7.2 where hardness is probably not important.
Feeding: Omnivore but try to alternate. They eat everything organic, vegetables, food tablets, dead fish and non-fleeing bottom fish. Moults are eaten and provide extra calcium. They also like to eat plants such as Anubias, Java fern.
Breeding: No longer allowed!!
Tank mates: Slightly larger fish that are not on the bottom and shrimps. Can be kept with some cichlids.
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