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Procambarus Spiculifer (White Tubercled crayfish)

Origin: North America/Florida.
Appearance: Nice dark brown Procambarus crayfish with almost black claws with white speckles on it.
Sexing: The males have gonopods and the claws are also larger than those of the females. The females have a wider tail.
Life span: Unknown.
Size: 12cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Gestation: Unknown.
Character: Peaceful and a bit shy. Eats from the plants but dooes not damage the plants much. Do not keep in a nice planted aquarium, but some plants are possible. The fry can be aggressive towards each other. Older animals are kinder.
Tank setup: Gravel and plants. Not many other requirements.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-26ºC. Acidity and hardness are not that important.
Feeding: Beech leaves, dead fish, dead plant remains, food/algae tablets, various cooked vegetables.
Breeding: Easy, but some patience is needed. Produce eggs several times a year.
Tank mates: Fast fish.
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