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Procambarus Vasquezae (Mexican Dwarf crayfish)


Origin: Mexico.
Appearance: This crayfish grows to about 6 to 7cm and has a brown to dark blue colour. This crayfish has relatively large claws. Dark spines can be found on the first walking legs. There is also a light blue variant.
Sexing: Males have gonopods and larger claws.
Life span: 2-3 years.
Size: About 6cm.
Sexually mature: From 4cm.
Gestation: 4 weeks.
Character: Very peaceful crayfish, even among the males. The behavior and needs are almost identical to the Cambarellus species. Known as the friendliest Procambarus species.
Tank setup: Can be placed in a community pool. Just like Cambarellus species they will stay away from the plants and fish. Do eat Java moss every now and then. Provide hiding places in the form of stones (e.g. moonstone), flower pots and pipes. An aquarium of 60cm can hold about 3 couples. Multiple couples are possible in a larger aqauria. Provide regular water changes.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-26ºC with an acidity of pH7 to pH8 and a hardness of 10-25dGH.
Feeding: Eats algae, left over food, cooked vegetables, dead plant remains, pieces of meat and fish and special food for crayfish. For the juveniles small food and oak, beech and alder leaves. They also love frozen food such as red mosquito larvae.
Breeding: Easy. The number of eggs (10-35) depends on the temperature of the water and the amount of food. Although both the parents and the young are very peaceful, it is always wise to have plenty of hiding places. Youngsters are to be expected 3-4 times a year.
Tank mates: Crayfish from the Cambarellus family. Does not catch healthy live fish. Guppies, ancistrusand dwarf shrimp go well with this crayfish. Is suitable for the community aquarium.
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