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Procambarus Versutus(Sly crayfish)

Origin: America (Georgia, Florida en Alabama).
Appearance: Crayfishwith a very beautiful marking and colours. Sometimes they are blue for a short time after scaling. The tips of the scissors have an orange tint.
Sexing: Males have gonopods and larger claws.
Life span: 2-3 years.
Size: 8 to 10cm.
Sexually mature: From 4cm.
Gestation: 3 to 4 weeks.
Character: Males can be aggressive towards each other. Young animals are friendly to each other. They generally stay off the plants.
Tank setup: Minimum capacity of 50 liters with sufficient hiding places in the form of wood, stones and pipes.
Waterconditions: Temperature 15-28ºC with an acidity of pH6.5 - pH8 and a hardness of 5-30dGH.
Feeding: Omnivore, vegetable and animal waste (pieces of meat and fish), special tablets for crayfish. Feed the young animals smaller food and oak, beech and alder leaves.
Breeding: Several times a year. Furthermore nothing special.
Tank mates: Does not catch healthy fish. Guppies, ancistrus and dwarf shrimp go well with this crayfish.
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