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Cambarellus Puer (Swamp Dwarf crayfish)


Origin: USA.
Appearance: One of the smalles crayfish from the U.S.A. Colour ranges from red, orange, brown to green. Individual animals can vary in colour depending on the circumstances. In the wild these can be found from Brazon and Brazoria counties, Texas, eastward through the coastal plain to and in the Mississippi basin from the lower part of the delta to Johnson County, Illinois.
Sexing: Females have a sturdy body. The females have a wider tail. The first swimming legs of the male are grown into the gonopods, the genitals of the male. Clearly visible at the bottom like with most Cambarellus species.
Life span: About 2 years.
Size: Up to 3.5cm.
Sexually mature: Probably when they are 3 months old.
Gestation: 3 to 4 weeks.
Character: Friendly crayfish that mainly live on the bottom of an aquarium. Going higher up in the aquarium by climbing the plants.
Tank setup: Use lots of plants. They will leave the plants alone. Add piles of rock and wood to provide hiding places.
Waterconditions: Temperature 15-25ºC (21-23ºC is ideal). Acidity can vary between pH6.5 to pH7.8 and water hardness ranges from 12-18dGH.
Feeding: Will eat nearly everything. Detritus, dead fish, small snails, dead plants and special crayfish food. They also like boiled vegetables and deep frozen food like larvae. Clean dried leaves from oak, wallnut and birch trees can be put in the tank as well.
Breeding: The young seem to be sensitive for changes in the quality of water.
Tank mates: Small friendly animals. Small fish and shrimp. Very small snails will be eaten. When there is a lack of food they will chase other animals. Do not put fanshrimp in the tank.
Copyright photos: © Bernd Jung.