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Cambarus Conasaugaensis (Mountain crayfish)


Origin: North-America / Georgia - Conasauga-river. Mainly above 400, height in cold streams with a rocky soil.
Appearance: The colour is red or orange-brown to olive-green. They have a single row of well developed tubercles on the palm with some obvious setae present on the fingers. The rostrum is relatively short, wide, and gradually tapering.
Sexing: Males have gonopodes and larger claws.
Life span: Up to 3 years.
Size: 5 tot 15cm(incl. claws).
Sexually mature: Around
Gestation: Unknown
Character: This crayfish is less active at lower temperatures. When temperature rises they will be more active and become more aggressive. Thet like to hide under rocks and in the wild they dig holes and tunnels.
Tank setup: Gravel or small rocks. Some fast growing plants. Thet probably will leave the plant alone unless they are hungry.
Waterconditions: Temperature 12 to 27ºC.
Feeding: Leaves, dead fish, detritus algea wavers and boiled vegetables.
Breeding: Once per year. In the fall/winter, during the colder period thet will mate which will result in eggs in the spring. Reduce the temperature to 12ºC in the fall/winter to stimulate mating.
Tank mates: Unknown.
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