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Cambarus Manningi (Greensaddle crayfish)


Origin: America (estuary of the river Coosa).
Appearance: Blue, yellow and soft pink colour. Joints are orange to red. A very pretty Cambarus species.
Sexing: Males have gonopodes and larger claws.
Life span: 3-5 jaar.
Size: 8 tot 10cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Gestation: 4 tot 6 weken.
Character: Friendly. Can be placed with larger fish but they are capable of catching the odd one. In the wild they live in a rough area with large gravel and lots of leaves like oak and berch. They like hiding places as well(stones, wood).
Tank setup: Sand or gravel with tubes to hide in. Rocks, wood, solid plants and floating plants. A current and oxygenation are needed.
Waterconditions: Temperature 10-26ºC, in the winter at least 4 weeks below 16ºC, with an acidity between pH6.0 to pH8.2 and a water hardness between 5-25dGH.
Feeding: Will eat nearly everything. Detritus, dead fish, small snails, dead plants and special crayfish food.
Breeding: Not easy but doable. Females will be pregnant once per year in spring. In the winter the temperature should be dropped to below 16ºC and the raise with 2-3 degrees. After carrying eggs for 4-6 weeks the young will stay with their mother for about 3-4 weeks. During this period the female will hardly eat.
Tank mates: Small fish that do not live on the bottom of the aquarium and dwarf shrimp.
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