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Cherax Boesemani Var. Blue moon (Blue Moon)


Origin: New Guinea - Irian Jaya.
Appearance: Beautiful crayfish wit deep blue claws.
Sexing: Males are larger and stronger and have white stripes on the outside of the claws. The females have oval openings near the 3rd pair of legs whilst the males have gonopodes near the 5th pair of legs.
Life span: Unknown.
Size: 15cm.
Sexually mature: From 9 months.
Gestation: 30 to 50 days.
Character: Friendly towards fish although they like to eat fish. To many males can lead to fights. They can be kept in community tanks but be aware of the fact that they can dig.
Tank setup: Setup a special tank for these crayfish and add some fast fish. Use a tank from 80cm containing stones and roots. They like to dig and love fresh water.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-28ºC, an acidity of pH6.8 to pH8.0 where the water hardness seems not to be important.
Feeding: Will eat nearly everything. Detritus, dead fish, small snails, dead plants and special crayfish food. Likes leaves of oak, alder and beech.
Breeding: Easy. The young grow slowly. Use lots of leaves and hiding places for the young because otherwise they will eat eachother. The colours will become more intense as they grow older.
Tank mates: Fast swimming fish and shrimp.
Copyright photos: © Langer(left), Michaela(right).