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Melanoides tuberculatus (Malaysian trumpet snail)


Origin: Can be found anywhere.
Appearance: Twisted pointed shell in the colours brown, gray and beige.
Sexing: Unknown.
Life span: About 1 year.
Size: Up to 3.5cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Character: Are nocturnal. Usually in the soil during the day and keeps the soil loose so more oxygen gets to the roots of the plants. Also suitable for breeding as food for snail eating fish, although they have a very hard shell.
Tank setup: Can be used in any community aquarium without snail eaters and/or cichlids. Provide sand or fine gravel for the soil as they burrow. Too hard substrate will damage the shell. Plants be places in the aquarium, they stay away from it.
Waterconditions: Temperature 8-30ÂșC with an acidity of pH5.5 to pH8.5 and soft to hard water. Can even be used in brackish water.
Feeding: Eats algae, excessive food and other waste residues.
Breeding: Easy. Males and females will mate to produce offspring, but they can also reproduce through parthenogenesis. 1-3 fully developed young are born every 10 days.
Tank mates: Can be places with all aquarium animals apart from snail eaters. Other snails, shrimps and fish can easily be added to the tank.
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