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Neritina sp. (Zebra nerite)


Origin: Asia and the east coast of America.
Appearance: Beautiful snail with zebra print.
Sexing: Unknown.
Life span: 1-2 years.
Size: 2 to 3 cm.
Sexually mature: Unknown.
Gestation: They lay eggs which hatch after 12-16 days.
Character: Friendly snails that are constantly looking for algae and other food.
Tank setup: From 40 liters with a reasonably soft substrate. More can fit in a smaller aquarium, but the snails also produce waste. Suitable for any community tank without snail eaters and/or cichlids. Stones and wood should not be missing because they can find algae on them.
Waterconditions: Temperature 18-28ÂșC with an acidity of pH7.0 to pH8.5 and a hardness of 6-12dGH.
Feeding: Eats algae, excessive food and other waste residues.
Breeding: Brackish water.
Tank mates: Calm fish that do not eat snails, and shrimps.
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